Types of pet insurance you need to know

You must have heard about pet insurance because you once took your pet to the vet. But are you aware there are different types of pet insurance? If you have dogs and cats at home, it is necessary to know which type of pet insurance applies to your dog or cat. Additionally, having pet insurance can assist to cover for vet fees if your cat or dog gets sick. Below are the different types of pet insurance we thought you should know.

Accident insurance

This is the most affordable pet insurance you can purchase. The insurance covers injuries or harm which is as a result of an accident. The injuries may include traumatic ligament injury, snake bite toxicity, car accident, a bite wound caused by fighting with other animals, or a bone fracture. The cover has an annual benefit limit. The benefits of accident cover include:
Suitable for juvenile pets: If you have a young and moderately healthy cat or dog, an accident-only policy is your option.
You purchase for pet: Most insurers do not set an upper age limit for this insurance cover. You can hence take out accident coverage for your furry buddy regardless of the age.
Inexpensive: It is more affordable as compared to accident and illness cover or comprehensive insurance.

Complete coverage

This type of insurance for pets covers illnesses and injuries. It furthermore includes more yearly benefit limit to assist you to cover more costs. It also features a benefit for regular care processes for example heartworm prevention, microchipping, desexing, and vaccinations. Some of the benefits comprehensive pet insurance offers include:
Regular care: It covers a variety of regular vet expenses and therefore can help to lower your regular vet costs.
Ideal for high-risk breeds and older pets: These are those pets that may require conventional vet treatment and those that have high chances of developing health problems.
Maximum cover: If you are interested in getting maximum protection for your pet, then comprehensive coverage is your choice.

Accident and illness coverage

This type of pet policy covers all the injuries just like the accident-only cover. It also covers any vet bills that may come after your cat or dog is diagnosed with a disease. Accident and illness insurance policy covers diseases such as cancer, infectious ailments, ear infections, and skin conditions. The insurance offers higher yearly benefits limit as it provides coverage on a variety of expenses as compared to accident cover. Here is a reason why you should purchase this cover for your pet.
Perfect for high-risk breeds: Some dog breeds have a higher risk of developing some health conditions. An example of such breeds is the German Shepherds.
Provides cover for tick paralysis: This cover is suitable for people who have pets but live in regions with a high risk of tick paralysis.


When choosing a policy, ensure you are aware of its exclusions. Also, try to find out from your pet insurer if your dog or cat will be protected from any chronic diseases.