Things to know before purchasing your pet insurance

Many people find it confusing when it comes to pet insurance. They want to buy the insurance but are not sure if it is worth their cash. My answer may not be what you prefer. But familiarizing yourself with how pet insurance works is critical in choosing the right cover for your pet. If you have been having trouble when purchasing pet insurance, here are the things we thought you should know in time.

Pet insurance policies are different

When buying pet insurance, you should be careful. Carry out some research on the various types of pet insurance and their benefits before making a decision. Pet insurance policies vary, and they offer different benefit. Find out if your insurer will cover what you want.

Enrollment age

Before you purchase insurance from an insurance company, make sure you ask about their enrollment age. Pet insurers have an age limit for registration. You realize that your insurer has a different age for cats and another for dogs. If you keep different breeds, ensure you inquire about that is there might be a different range for particular breeds.


Exclusions are imperative to know but only with some companies that offer the option. For some companies, you have to buy the policy before they provide you with the list of exclusions. If your insurer gives you a list and you see something that you don’t prefer, you may choose to cancel the policy. Keep in mind exclusions are based on the pet’s previous history.

Insurer customer service

Often when you want to hire the services of a contractor, you take customer service response into consideration. The same case applies for your pet insurance. Find out if the insurance company’s customer service team responds promptly. A non-responsive company may not be a bad choice. Apart from that, ensure that the company responds and pays claims on time. A company with a good standing record is the best for your pet’s insurance.

Certain breed exclusions

If you are a purebred dog owner, then read this carefully. Many pet insurance policies exclude illnesses and certain conditions that are transmissible to particular breeds. This includes cancer and hip dysplasia in a giant breed and golden retriever respectively. It will be nice if you choose a pet insurance company that includes cover for hereditary conditions in purebreds.

Pet cover is not affordable for adult dogs

If you have a dog, then you probably know that older dogs are more likely to develop health conditions for example cancer, diabetes, and arthritis. His only means older dogs are expensive to cover. If you insure your dog when it is older, any-preexisting conditions may not be covered. So it is senseless financially to insure such a dog. But if you want to insure you middle-aged dog which doesn’t have any health issues, you might find an affordable policy him.


Choose your insurance company carefully. Making a wrong choice may be expensive for you. Buying insurance can be confusing, but we have made it easier for you.

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