Tips on How to Take Care of Your Dog Properly

Care of Your Dog

When you get a dog, chances are, you already have a general idea on how you should take care of it. You have to have them vaccinated, buy food for them, have them groomed, walk them regularly, and so on.

But if it is your first time to take care of a dog or a puppy, it would still be a lot better if you know more than just general knowledge. Additional information can really be useful in making sure you are taking care of your dog in a safe and proper way.

Here are some tips you might find helpful in caring for your dog the right way:

1. Don’t share your food with your dog. As much as you love your dog, be firm in saying no to sharing your food with them. This is because there are many types of human food that are extremely harmful to dogs, such as chocolate and grapes.

2. Apply dry shampoo onto your dog’s coat instead of giving them a bath frequently. Dogs shouldn’t be given a bath more than three times a year. To keep your pet smelling fresh without giving them a bath, apply dry shampoo on them three to five days a week. You can also spray coat freshener on your dog every time you brush their coat to keep it shiny.

3. Don’t leave your dog in the car. Leaving your dog alone in the car can be fatal for them. If you have to run an errand outside, make sure they are with you at all times. If you can’t bring the dog in with you, ask a friend, a relative, or a pet sitter to watch the dog for you at home while you’re running errands.

4. Have a microchip implanted on your dog. Even when you have a leash on your dog when you walk them, it’s impossible to tell when something untoward is about to happen. If your dog has a microchip, it can help you track them easier in case they get lost.